Lesson 1 – Setup (Bucky’s way)

Most of what is covered in this video is stuff that I’ve already talked about in my “Setting up the environment” post so I’ll just gloss over the untouched points:

  1. NodeJS is a requirement. Well, not the server, itself (I’ll write about that later – the concept is pretty cool – writing server-side JavaScript) but for the npm repository tool. I didn’t use it – I used the technique that I spoke about in the previous chapter but for those who aren’t using Visual Studio, this is required.
  2. If you’re not using Visual Studio then you can get a sample project from Bucky’s GitHub account to use as a starting point.
  3. package.json contains a list of the dependency files. You can use npm to download them, from the command with:npm install

    which will find the appropriate files and will download them. Or you can use my technique which I mentioned in the previous post.

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