In my quest to keep up with the latest technologies I’m now learning the next wave in web application development – Angular 2. The purpose of this journal is to document everything I learn as I learn it, partially so that I will have a reference to return to if I get lost or forget something but also so that other people can learn from my experience and avoid the mistakes that I make as I go along.

In creating my first Angular 2 application I’m following the tutorials by Bucky Roberts at The New Boston located here. The purpose of the first project is pretty simple: to create a web application that displays video tutorials (similar to what Bucky is doing) but also to add a series of questions after each video so that the viewer can test how much they’ve absorbed in each tutorial session. The first one, naturally, is on Bucky’s Angular 2 tutorial, itself.

I just want to add a quick note, here. When I first heard about Angular (Angular 1 or AngularJS) my first thought was “are they crazy?” Creating an entire website on the client via JavaScript was not my idea of a rational thing to do as it relies on the user having a machine that is capable of handling it. Well, I’ve since changed by mind. First of all, if a person doesn’t have a computer that’s capable of handling it then they need to get into the 21st century.

And, secondly, I like the “Loading” functionality. Any complex website will present the user with a blank page until such time as the content loads. By creating the page client-side, you can have a brief “Loading” message that will display until the application is ready for presentation. Furthermore, even the library loading will be quicker if you use a CDN (content delivery network) because if they’ve visited any other Angular 2 website then they will already have the necessary files.

Anyway, enough on that. I’ll publish the work as I go along but for the moment this blog is all text. It’s a work in progress so check back, often.

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